About Empire Softworks

Empire Softworks was founded in 2006 to provide professional software development with creative talent at an affordable price.

we are affordable

Our services are much more affordable than typical solution providers, especially those that operate with our level of expertise. We leverage our extensive experience and vast toolkit of proven building blocks to decrease development time.

Most software development companies suffer from the need to keep their employees billable at all times to stay in business.  At Empire Softworks most of our talented developers have other primary development jobs.  This allows them to work with Empire Softworks at very competitive rates.  In this way you can have experienced professionals developing your project at prices you just can't find anywhere else.

trusted experts

We know when you engage us you are entrusting us with your business. With critical thinking, a keep-it-simple philosophy and a proven design-build approach, we will always put our client's needs first.

building blocks

Our philosophy is - why start from scratch? Whether you need a windows desktop program or web application, we have probably built something like it in the past. If we haven't chances are that someone else has. We try to incorporate existing, proven software into our solutions to save you time and money.